What is MyDebateTeam?

MyDebateTeam is a free all-in-one interface to provide your team with the tools and resources it needs. We help you keep track of logistics, share files, create photo albums, keep parents involved, track payments, and so much more! MyDebateTeam is here to help your team realize its full potential.

  • Logistics

    Calendars, sign-ups, and payment records allow you to easily manage your team and keep track of important information.

  • Communications

    Email and Text Messaging features simplify communications, allowing you to contact individuals, groups, or the whole team.

  • Teamwork

    Built in file sharing, discussion boards, and photo albums encourage collaboration and turn your team into a family.

About Us

What is Champion Briefs?

Champion Briefs is an organization striving to provide the best resources to Speech and Debate teams around the globe. In addition to MyDebateTeam, we provide online resources including research briefs, summer institutes, supplemental coaching, and other fantastic tools to help you become a Champion.