About Champion Briefs

Champion Briefs is an organization striving to provide the best resources to Speech and Debate teams around the globe. In addition to MyDebateTeam, we provide online resources including research briefs, summer institutes, supplemental coaching, and other fantastic tools to help you become a Champion.



Through Champion Briefswe provide comprehensive research briefs for Public Forum debate and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Our files include analysis from the Champions of major tournaments, arguments, responses, frameworks, and other great tools that you can use in and out of round to become a better debater. Champion Briefs is here to help you learn how to understand debate on a deeper level in every way possible.


The Champion Briefs Institute is a unique Speech and Debate camp with dedicated instructors, an innovative curriculum, and a distinctive approach to speaking. We hold summer debate camp for Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Congressional Debate in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Bloomington, Indiana, and San Francisco, California. Our staff is comprised of some of the best debate coaches and alumni in the country. Each instructor is specialized to teach their strongest subject so that students receive the best understanding of every topic area. Our curriculum is designed to provide each student with a deeper understanding of debate that can be used to win any round. We believe that a focus on becoming a better overall public speaker and critical thinker is the key to becoming a better debater, which is why our distinctive approach drives students to significantly improve these skills. The Champion Briefs Institute helps students to not only become Champions, but also improve important life skills that will make them successful in years to come.


Champion Coaching provides high-quality, low-cost consulting services to Speech and Debate students across the country. Our team of coaches is comprised of highly qualified, award-winning alumni and educators who are prepared to help you become a Champion.


The Champion Briefs Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization seeking to raise money for Speech and Debate students that require financial aid to participate in the activity. Our organization is funded by various events, t-shirt sales, and endowments from our partner organization, Champion Briefs. We offer scholarships and grants to students throughout the year to help decrease the high costs of attending tournaments, receiving coaching, and more. To do this, we depend on your help! Please consider pledging your support by ordering a T-Shirt.